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All about IndigoWings

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Feet on the ground, head in the clouds.
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I'm an artist, as well as a writer with two in-progress manuscripts. I'm working towards future publication. I like to chill with music or just have my bilateral (one on each side) cochlear implants off for complete silence and a well-deserved listening break. I need captioning or english subtitles on any video, movie, or game I play, along with links to lyric videos so I can follow along with a song.
Humor :
I have a dry, intellectual sense of humor with a well-honed ability to throw shade. I tend to be quirky and off-beat with my jokes. I can definitely sass people when in the mood to (I sass my own soul and it sasses me back!) Don't get me on a punning roll, because I've learned well from a Pungeon Master on how to best apply pun-ishment.
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